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Before, Now & After  features: Elliot Mason – Trombone & Bass Trumpet, Sofija Knezevic – Voice, Dan Nimmer – Piano, Carlos Henriquez – Bass, Ali Jackson – Drums, Cyro Baptista – Percussion, Tim Hagans – Trumpet, Brad Mason – Trumpet & Joe Lovano – Tenor saxophone


$19.99 Regular Price
$12.99Sale Price
  • These Hi-Res 24/96kHz audio files are the audio equivalent of a 4k movie, over double the quality of a CD.

    These files are the closest audio experience to having the band in your front room! 

    I hope you enjoy the music and the dynamic sonic representation.

    If you’re listening to the files from your computer - iTunes plays the files but I recommend these Hi-Res media players: Audirvana, Amarra, JRiver Media Center & Vox (Free)

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